1000WordsESL 1.0

1000WordsESL 1.0: 1000 spoken word ESL vocabulary for Spanish speakers.                       1000WordsESL for Spanish Speakers builds a 1000 SPEAKING word vocabulary of the most frequent English words divided in 50 word units, each unit subdivided by parts of speech. Verbs are also subdivided into `Infinitives and past participles` or `All Verbs` which includes first, second, and third persons, as well as infinitives and past participles. SentencesESL teaches sentence construction linked to each 50 word unit. Testing included.

SilentIdeas 4.0: SilentIdeas enables you to create subliminal messages to be used for self-help
SilentIdeas 4.0

SilentIdea enables you to create lists containing subliminal messages to be shown on your computer screen while you work. Messages are shown at regular intervals and for a short duration. While you are working at your computer, you can give yourself subliminal suggestions you have chosen freely according to your purposes to change habits and attitudes.

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Cryptogram puzzle 009: Cryptogram free flash game. Break the code!
Cryptogram puzzle 009

Cryptogram free flash game. Break the code and reveal the message. Crypto-gram selects a sentence from the list. Cryptogram free flash game. Break the code and reveal the message. Crypto-gram selects a sentence from the list. Then it crypts it, and presents it for solving. This crypto gram game challenge the mind. The object of it is to solve the puzzles by selecting letters and placing them onto the crypto grams map.

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IdiomaX Translator 6.00: Translates entire documents in multiple formats: PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, HTML, etc.
IdiomaX Translator 6.00

sentences, taking grammar and idiom into account. To achieve the final translation, it conjugates verbs, establishes agreement between nouns and adjectives, and reviews language patterns so the resulting sentence is clearly translated. And because the Translator translates whole documents at once, it saves you a lot of time and effort while delivering better translations. IdiomaX Translator has extra capabilities for the demanding user. It automatically

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MarshallSoft GPS Component for Visual Basic 1.4: GPS library VB (.NET) toolkit reads and decodes standard GPS NMEA 183 sentences
MarshallSoft GPS Component for Visual Basic 1.4

sentences from the RS232 serial port as well as computing great circle distances and bearings. Features of MGC4VB include: The most current GPS data is always available on demand * Runs as a background thread unattended * Works with Bluetooth virtual serial ports * Works with USB serial ports (with a USB to serial converter) * The most commonly used NMEA navigation sentence types (GPGGA, GPRMC, GPGLL, GPGSV, and GPVTG) are automatically decoded *

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Text Caser 1.1

sentence into a scrambled mess. You can also delete all of the spaces from a phrase to turn it into a file name. Text Caser makes working with text easier and less time-consuming. Best of all, it`s no problem to use to the fullest! Features: - Supports modifying your text in the following ways: - Uppercase - Lowercase - Proper Case - Sentence - Alternating Caps - Leet Speak - Backwards - Scramble - Delete Spaces - Perform different text modifications

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TOEFL iBT Listening Conqueror 'Designed specially for conquering the TOEFL iBT Listening'
TOEFL iBT Listening Conqueror

sentence by sentence repeatedly ▲Powerful function of recording speaking ▲Drag progress bar to locate playing position instantly ▲ Play audio sentence by sentence automatically. It is the favorite mode for most of users. ▲Save progress of practice on exiting ▲A large amount of convenient shortcut keys are available ▲Simulated test mode(New Feature!) ▲Classified vocabulary for Listening Section(New Feature!) ▲More new materials will

toefl ibt, practice, english test, listening, speaking, toefl, vocabulary

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